‘This’ is a research group operating from the photography department at The University of Portsmouth. The members of the group are Jonathan Baggaley, Richard Kolker, Roel Paredaens, Peter Ainsworth, Judy Harrison and Leslie Hakim-Dowek.

This ONE is the first in a proposed series of publications that seek to offer a visual response to key debates within contemporary photographic discourse. The remit for the group’s first four zine publications is to respond to ideas surrounding indexicality in relation to its performative dimension, as something that is pointed at. The reimagining of Barthes' ‘that has been’ towards a less melancholic ‘this here now’ or even simply ‘this’, suggesting an eternal present, serves as the main point of departure here. These ideas are drawn from two key texts; ‘Marking Time, Photography Film and Temporalities of the Image’ and ‘From Presence to the Performative: Rethinking Photographic Indexicality’, both by David Green and Joanna Lowry.

The group seeks to establish an archive of visual material predicated on the belief that practice based visual research is capable of proposing useful and unique contributions to debates around the medium. As the project progresses and as the group identity becomes established, we shall be encouraging and inviting collaborative contributions.

This TOO will follow in August 2018.

contact: Jonathan.Baggaley@port.ac.uk